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Evolving EHS

We are a consulting business helping private and public, large and small organizations with their occupational environmental, health and safety needs. We help you balance between creating a safe and productive workplace, while maximizing profits. We understand business and the series of metamorphoses it can undertake. Our evolving skill-sets allow us to be fluid with the current times while building your trust. Bringing an expert’s perspective we approach problems and situations with a scientific lens. We are about efficiency and practicality, saving you time and money. We welcome the chance to prove this to you.


What We Offer


Program Management

Worker incidents and accidents keep occurring? Not sure what your organizations environmental, health and safety responsibilities are? This is where we help you establish or dust off your shelved program.

Full service consulting including: customized written program development, review, and evaluation; employee engagement and training; environmental regulatory permitting and reporting; site inspection (frequency dependant on your needs).

Services are longer-term agreements with monthly billing. The agreed upon monthly hours can be utilized in whatever capacity you’d like to reach your occupational environmental, health and safety goals!

Pricing varies.

Risk Assessments

Understanding and reducing your organization’s potential risk pertaining to occupational environmental, health and safety is smart business planning.

Services for a basic risk assessment includes: one initial consultation (free of charge), review of written program and other relevant documents, two site visits, one meeting to present findings, written report for your records

Cost: $4,000

Pricing varies for custom quotes.

Need to take your risk management to the next level? Contact us for pricing.

Employee Training

Employee training is a crucial component for success of any program. Our training approach varies based on what you are looking for. We understand adult learning concepts as our trainings are customized to fit your needs, and can be a mixture of virtual or in-person. We not only customize training content we also conduct training as well.

Contact us for pricing.

Webinar Workshops

Another opportunity for you to learn! We will conduct webinar workshops that will be of varying topics related to occupational environmental, health and safety. Logistics of each workshop will be specific to its own merits. Check back here often for details and schedules of workshops.

Pricing varies.

We also offer other services that you may be interested in. For environmental projects, we can help with environmental investigations and sustainability. Permitting, regulatory compliance, and regulatory reporting. Enviornmental site assessments, hazardous waste and waste disposal investigations and reductions. Water quality and stormwater assessments, stormwater pollution prevention plans, and erosion and sediment control planning and execution.

For health and safety, we can help with industrial hygiene and employee exposure investigations and assessments, as well as incident and accident investigations. Leading and lagging key performance indicators development and analysis.

For other miscellaneous occupational environmental, health and safety stuff, we can offer data collection, analysis, and management, facilitation and team building, sample and monitoring collection and analysis, and various reviews, evaluations, and audits.

Pricing varies as it’s dependent on your needs.

Still not seeing what you’re looking for?  Let’s chat! Contact us today to talk about what you need and if we can’t be of service to you, maybe we can help you find someone who can.

Creative Solutions

Creative solutions can break down barriers that hinder you from achieving your occupational enviornmental, health and safety goals. At times, it is a must to step outside of the ‘we’ve always done it this way‘ box. We don’t back down from challenges.  In fact, we enthusatically forge through them with creative solutions.


Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.

We understand the power of communication. May it be verbal or written, spoken or unspoken, frequent clear and concise communication is paramount for the development, sustainability, and growth of any business relationship. This is why we strive to have good communication in all that we do.

Open Mindedness

Innovation goes against the grain and pushes the limits. There are many ways to peel an orange. Occupational environmental, health and safety is a team effort that requires unity. So, by keeping an open mind we foster new possibilities that can help your team help your business achieve your goals.


What People are Saying

“Practical Professional”

As a R&D leader for a global company servicing the heath care industry, it’s paramount to partner with practical stakeholders. Adrianne Pearson is just that, a practical occupational environmental, health and safety professional who willingly collaborates with stakeholders to achieve business goals. Adrianne’s ability to openly communicate EHS regulatory requirements plus their interwoven intricacies while fostering teams is remarkable. Adrianne asks intellectural questions as she seeks a deep understanding of the needs and directions her clients want to move in. Such that she returns to the table with some solutions or options. Adrianne is great to work with! She rarely came without a smile and her humorous charisma helps develop and establish trust among cross-functional teams.

Alex Lastovich, Sr. Director Innovation and Portfolio Management R&D


“Critical Thinker”

I’ve worked with Adrianne Pearson in various capacities for about six years. Adrianne’s enthusiasm and attention to doing good work are impressive. She is a critical thinker, adept at teasing out key issues and fundamental needs, remarkable at recognizing gaps in processes and systems, and plans for multi-objective outcomes. Adrianne’s personable, energetic, and positive personality affords her the ability to seek stakeholder input and ask strategic questions during collaboration. She is comfortable and competent in presenting oral, written, and visual information, and is able to summarize effectively, with supporting detail at hand.”

Lars Hendron, P.E.

Riverside Park Water Reclaimation Facility, City of Spokane 

“High Quality Work”

As the Operations Manager for a medium sized Manufacturing company, I worked with Adrianne Pearson when the company was instituting a company-wide occupational environmental, health, and safety program. Adrianne’s ability to jump right in to get the work done was incredible. She produced high quality work and met deadlines on time. She kept meticulous records and was diligent in finding and addressing gaps within the EHS program. Our customers had high expectations for EHS sustainability and scored Adrianne’s work highly using a third party analysis tool. Adrianne was friendly, always had a smile on her face, and was a pleasure to work with.

H. Dwayne Gray, Plant Manager

Purcell Systems, Inc. an EnerSys Company

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Information for you to ponder and help you with your occupational environmental, health and safety program.

Recognizing Women

Recognizing Women

Remembering women scientists and their contributions that have shaped our occupational environmental, health, and safety arena of today.

A stormwater program team, makes all the difference!

A stormwater program team, makes all the difference!

A stormwater program can be as complex as they come. Heavily dependent upon the quantity of precipitation (and in what form) that is received. Your team involved in the stormwater program does not have to be as perplexing as the program itself.

We Are Off!

We Are Off!

Use the St. Patrick’s Day holiday as an excuse to help your employees get the energy out!

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