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Hello! I’m Adrianne Pearson, an occupational environmental, health and safety scientist and owner of Evolving EHS. I’ve been working within these kaleidoscope professions for more than a decade. I am passionate about problem-solving miscellaneous occupational environmental, health and safety concerns, issues, or challenges.

I had a vision for saving the planet. Little did I know that my vision would guide me into the renaissance woman I am today, redefining the stereotypical environmentalist.

We live in extraordinary times! Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Biological pathogens and living organisms are evolving. Cultures are banning together as others are developing. Communication and new languages are redefining how humans express themselves. Ideas and innovation are on the rise revealing new possibilities. Businesses and business strategies are redefining new approaches. Work environments, settings, and standards are rapidly changing.  Occupational fatalities, injuries, and diseases are still prevalent, deeply affecting societies on a level we are learning to understand. Natural resources are disappearing and are heavily impacted by global environmental changes.

There is much work to be done, and challenges are opportunities! I started Evolving EHS because we can have synergy between environmental, business, and occupational health and safety. Evolving EHS helps organizations to find that synergy. We can have a growing global economy while minimizing detrimental environmental impact and occupational fatalities, injuries, and diseases.

I am excited for the opportunity to work with you! So, contact me today and let me help you find solutions to your occupational environmental, health and safety puzzle.

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