May 17, 2019 is National Bike to Work Day. There is a growing interest and awareness about staying healthy, environmental sustainability, and economic transportation options within our communities. With good reason, as almost half of our driving trips are less than 2 miles. Bicycling can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by alleviating emissions of carbon dioxide into the air. Additionally, bicycling gets people moving, and exercise can improve mental health, improve other major bodily organs (like your heart), and help with weight loss. Furthermore, it improves self-esteem!

Before you hit the saddle, check a few things first. Be sure all of your equipment are in good working order. BE SEEN. Wear appropriate, colorful, and reflective clothing to be seen by all. Light up yourself and your bike with blinking lights for both the front and back of you. You cannot have too many lights. Wear a helmet, protective gloves for your hands, and close toed shoes. Also, long sleeve shirts and pants, road rash on your skin is hurts like hell. Ring a bell to let pediatricians hear you coming, and announce “on your left….on your right…” as you ride past them. Pack plenty of water with you to stay hydrated. Follow the rules of the road.

Employees, tell your employers that you’ll be participating in this community event. Check with your employer and see if they offer any credits or trip sharing rewards. Demonstrate to your employer this is important to you. Get know a fellow co-worker in a different light, and invite them to ride with you.

Employers, lead by example and show your employees that you’ll be participating in this community event. Encourage employees to embark upon this opportunity. Get recognition for your company and inform community event organizers and leaders that your company will be a participant. Better yet, get involved with community events. 

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